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    "omfg is that a next generation top? so you think picard is better than kirk? wow loser kirk is way better!"



    "what, really? you like the reboot? you’re not a trUE fan omfg i bet you’ve never even seen the original series!?!!!?!?"










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    violently Filipino Cecil because yaaaaas

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    i woke up like dis

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    PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY! I don’t know a lot of folks on tumblr & I am in desperate need of donations and support. Anything helps, $$$, thoughts, words, and reblogs!

    TW: Abuse, Alcohol, 

    My name is Suzi Bell, I’m 26 yrs old, passionate about music, art of any kind, and keeping things fun… I was born with Cerebral Palsy and have spent my life reliant on the help and care of my family and friends. I have a walker and a wheelchair (for longer distances or painful days) but my walker is my heart. Her name is Petunia, she’s lime green and zebra print, and without her I would crawl. My condition could definitely be worse, but it’s hard to walk any distance (especially on different terrains), carry things, climb steps, make food, blah blah blah.

    I recently discovered that my mother has been lying to me and stole and coerced over $100,000 left to me by my dad and grandmother. This is on top of stealing my car a week after my house burned down, signing my disability benefits to herself, filing for ownership of my graphic design company, and if not physically hurting me, constantly telling me how no one could ever put up with helping me and I’ll never succeed in life. I disagree, but it’s hard to stay positive while only hearing how worthless you are, and having every financial gain I could use to begin a new and self sufficient life taken from me one way or another.

    To top it all off my current living situation took a drastic turn for the worse and I will be homeless in 6 days due to an alcoholic housemate who after convincing me to move in, has finally admitted that we are being evicted due to him being VERY behind on rent. 

    After finding this out I started searching for other living situations and in the process I found out about an apartment complex for folks living with disabilities. I scored an interview and was accepted (!!!) But without a steady income to handle this situation so suddenly.. I might miss the opportunity if I cannot come up with funds to move by next week.

    I set up a gofundme as a last ditch attempt to pull myself out of this situation collapsing around me. I know that I am capable of being completely independent. I have finally reached the point where I am asking for help. Please donate if you can. Any help is infinitely appreciated whether it be $$$, a reblog, or just a word of support. I know I’m not alone in this world.. I know I can make it.. I just hope I can prove it.

    SIGNAL BOOST: I grew up with this person. Theyre super rad and I’m shocked that all this has been happening to them. Please help if you can.

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    wanna see a white guy stay inhumanly calm? talk about violence against women

    wanna see a white guy exPLODE WITH ANGER?!?!!? call him a misogynist

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  8. Anonymous asked: Being so fat is it a struggle to have sex?


    It’s actually more like a struggle not to always be having sex.

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    Fed Up Fat Girl, The Meme

    Completely here for this


    " I like sex with big girls- they appreciate it more" 

    " I normally like skinny girls.. but you are really pretty" 

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